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IPTV Reseller Panel Gold IPTV package

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An IPTV reseller panel gives the owner access to control users, organize trials, add and remove new clients, check credits, and more.
Joining the IPTV reseller program will allow you to make money. Deliver the greatest IPTV service to your clients and, in addition to making money for yourself, ensure that your clients receive the best IPTV service in terms of quality, selection, and TV channels and VOD. You can sign up for a free trial account and test the server for 24 hours if you’re brand-new. A full day’s worth of access to all TV and VOD channels is included with the trial line.






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Gold IPTV Reseller Package Features


  • Unlimited number of trial lines created per day (but suspended on game day)
  • Unlimited credit capacity
  • M3U, code extream, Mag and Enigma2 line creation
  • Single line support
  • Possibility to create a connection for one month, 6 and 12 months.
  • Complete management of all pay and test lines to be modified.
  • Extension of expired and active lines
  • Customization of your client’s playlist
  • Possibility to get your own sub-reseller
  • Reseller support by Universatpro
  • Watch a demo of the reseller panel by Email/Whatsapp


How does the credit system work?


The GOLD reseller panel is available with a pack of 120 credits

each 12 credits = 12 months

You can create subscriptions for the following periods
12 months [12 credits]
6 months [6 credits]
3 months [3 credits]
1 month [1 credit]

For example, there are 120 credits in your reseller panel.
You sell a one month subscription to your customer for 10 USD.
By creating a one month line, 1 credit will be deducted from your panel and there will be 119 credits left.
You earn 10 USD and lose 1 credit.
Start with 120 credits (including the panel):
GOLD PACKAGE 280 US Dollars.
The 120 credits pack gives you the possibility to create sub-resellers






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